Welcome to the Ukrainian ethnic goods online store "Svitlytsia"

We are glad to offer you a wide variety of Ukrainian traditional products that are not only items of everyday life, but also form a basis of our traditional material culture.

We suggest you to read further about the structure of our product catalog, so that it would be easier for you to find what you are looking for.

In the main section, called "STORE" there are 9 groups of products. Their names can be found on the main menu which is on the left side of the screen as well as above this text. Each group consists of several subgroups. You will see them if you click on each of the 9 groups. The names of items, their photos and descriptions are listed in subgroups.

It is easy to find a wanted item if you know general characteristics of what you are looking for. Therefore, here is what you might want to find:
Ukrainian traditional clothes and modern Ukrainian-styled clothing. It's not only festive or elegant clothes, you could also find casual and official clothes:

-     embroidered blouses or shirts (vyshyvanka) for men, women and children;

-     plakhtas (Ukrainian traditional kind of skirts), sharovary (Ukrainian traditional trousers for men);

-     modern embroidered dresses, sundresses, blouses, tops, t-shirts etc.
Ukrainian traditional jewelry, accessories, headdress and shoes:

-     flower crowns, ribbons for women and girls, traditional shawls and cossacks's hats;

-     cannabic, linen, leather and combined shoes, boots decorated with embroidery;

-     woven and embroidered belts and bags;

-     necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings and other jewellery made of wood, pearl, gems and beads.
Ukrainian traditional household and decorating items, gifts, souvenirs:

-     woven and embroidered napkins, tablecloths, table runners;

-     pottery decorated with painting and modeling;

-     carved and painted boxes, chests; floristic compositions, paintings;

-     different souvenirs, pysankas (painted Easter eggs), talismans, amulets, toys, magnets etc.


IMPORTANT DETAILS: Many of our products are handmade creations of traditional folk arts and artistic crafts, made by workshops and separate artists. This is the reason why each of such items is unique and usually has its own unrepeatable details, even though in general the same type of products may look the same. To understand the extent of difference you may look at different photos of the items that have the same name and ID, or at the additional photos provided under the main one of the product. It is also possible that sometimes the ordered item might be slightly different from the one represented on the catalog. Thus, we suggest you to coordinate such matters with our manager during the order confirmation call.

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