Ukrainians are well-known for their hospitality and for the coziness of their homes. They have always paid attention to cleanliness and decoration of their dwelling. If you wish to create the same feeling of comfort at your home, or if you need a nice present, welcome to our shop! Here, you can buy many beautiful and functional household items and other useful things.

We offer you a wide assortment of linen tablecloths, napkins and table runners of different colors and decorated with various embroidered or weaved ornaments. Each of these items has been created according to regional traditions of craftsmen from Kyiv, Poltava, Sloboda, Polissya etc. Depending on size and ornaments used you can choose a necessary item: tablecloths and napkins for everyday use, table runners for holidays and traditional celebrations, weddings, christening, customs etc.

Even the most demanding customer will find something among our huge assortment of pottery and tableware from different regions of Ukraine (Polohiv, Opishnya, Vasylkiv, Ostrog etc.). We offer you many kinds of pottery: traditional clay pots, jugs and bowls; elegant coffee cups and plates. Ornamentation also varies: it could be floral painting, fancy modeling or colorful decal.

To finish the decoration of your home we would suggest buying floristic compositions, paintings made on wood or bark, or a carved ornamental plate.

Most of these items could be not only functional, but also serve as nice Ukrainian souvenirs or a gift of good quality.

So don't hesitate and bring coziness of Ukrainian home to your own or your friends' houses!