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To the origins

During the last decades when we succeed and feel happy, or vice versa when we fail or lose something, we are used to appeal to spiritual aspects of our life, to turn to God, traditional beliefs and customs, to use symbolic items of material culture. And even though these intentions are intuitive, our feelings do not delude us! After all, those who are guided not only by intuition, but who also possess some knowledge about traditional culture and make conscious choices know that each part of custom and ritual: its gestures, actions, words, ceremonial items, colors - hold a magical meaning, grant protection, happiness, welfare, love and peace...

Therefore, customs or rituals are not for entertainment only. Ceremonial items are not always toys or decorations. The basis of traditional culture was created by our ancestors; its forms went through a long period of changing and evolving; their effectiveness have passed the test of time - when people were not imprisoned by modernity and its developments yet, but were much closer to the nature and God; when our spiritual values were not damaged, endangered, and eventually forgotten.

However, few think about something else: can we achieve our goals by performing random rituals without knowledge and understanding, or maybe we would just make things worse by such actions? Would a false talisman protect us, or would it call a trouble upon us? It is well-known that a ritual, improperly done, the wrong plant or talisman placed in a house, may at least prevent our goals from fulfillment.

We rarely take into account the truth that, for instance, immortelle or hypericum that have been grown on native land are more helpful to Ukrainians than exotic ginseng; more magically symbolical would be a celebration of Ukrainian Ivana Kupala day (Midsummer) or Generous Evening (Christmas Eve) than of American Halloween; the most effective talisman for Ukrainians would be a Ukrainian pysanka (Easter Egg) or motanka-doll, not the Indian elephant figurine or Russian matryoshka.

Therefore, we suggest you to turn to the origins of Ukrainian traditional culture too, and we offer you products that have been created with a deep knowledge of true traditional spiritual culture. Experts on ethnography and cultural studies are involved during the selection of products and organisation of ceremonies. The knowledge used in these processes is based on authentic, personally collected, material.


  • Basic scenarios of family ceremonies and holidays based on national customs, and recommendations for the celebration of such events.
  • Creation of scenarios for family ceremonies and holidays on demand, inpidually (based on basic ones).
  • Basic scenarios for the holiday celebrations throughout the year, and recommendations for celebration of such events.
  • Creation of scenarios for holiday celebration throughout the year on demand, inpidually (based on basic ones).
  • Organization and conducting of family ceremonies and holiday celebrations (based on basic scenarios and the ones that were created inpidually).
  • Decoration of halls for celebrations and ceremonies.
  • Creation and completing of ceremony kits with all the necessary items.
  • Embroidery, egg painting, paper decorating workshops.