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Our own shoes manufacture is starting to roll in, offering more stylish options for Summer as well as for Autumn and Winter seasons. No cold can prevent us from being beautiful!
Autumn is traditionally the time of the end of harvest, time of weddings and fall holidays.
Summer goes on! So don't lose an opportunity to treat yourself to the bright dresses and vyshyvankas. When else if not during summer?
The first arrival of a new model of exquisite shoes designed by TM "Etnosvit" and made of different colors of leather, is already available for purchase in sizes from 36 to 40.
We have good news: we start production of our own line of shoes from TM Etnosvit! The first examples are already manufactured, tested and we are beginning the production of items for sale.
On the nearest weekend of 27-28 of May, our capital celebrates its 1535th birthday. Various events will take place to honor the date. They will start on 25th of May already and will go on for the whole weekend.
Not so long ago a person wearing vyshyvanka in public would cause overall surprise on streets. Today, vyshyvanka is a trend again for Ukrainian people, and not only them...
The cold of April - usual for our climate. However, it is well known that it doesn't last. Soon, warm sun will appear again, it will be nicely warm and the desire to wear your new dress or vyshyvanka will awaken.
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