16.05.2017 Getting ready for the Day of Vyshyvanka
Not so long ago a person wearing vyshyvanka in public would cause overall surprise on streets. Today, vyshyvanka is a trend again for Ukrainian people, and not only them...  Read more
23.04.2017 Spring Discounts
The cold of April - usual for our climate. However, it is well known that it doesn't last. Soon, warm sun will appear again, it will be nicely warm and the desire to wear your new dress or vyshyvanka will awaken.  Read more
12.04.2017 Holy Thursday
Holy Thursday is a Thursday on the last week of the Lent - a day which is associated with the most of prophylactic, cleansing rituals.  Read more
03.03.2017 Spring discounts
There inevitably comes spring. And it does not only make us happy with its sunshine, special smell in the air and glorious greenness all around, but also puts some responsibility on us.  Read more
20.01.2017 Job as a celebration
The winter cycle of holidays has passed with the arrival of Epiphany. It is now time to return to work. Life goes on, and each day reminds that life is wonderful, with a ray of sunshine, cozy cup of coffee or a genuine smile of a child.  Read more
15.01.2017 "As for the third holiday - Holy Epiphany"
It doesn't matter how you call this holiday - Epiphany, Jordan, Ordan... It is the end of the winter cycle of holidays, they occur in the same p,ace and with same participants.  Read more