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Welcome to "Svitlytsia"

Project "Ethnic Center SVITLYTSIA" is another step to the revival of Ukrainian traditional heritage, including its material and spiritual aspects.

Non-material culture of Ukrainian people consists of as many different components (language, poetry, music, dancing, ethics etc.) as material culture does, though its most significant manifestations are rituals and customs. They combine music, poetry, different beliefs and specific ethical norms and morals. At the same time, these rituals are often filled with various ceremonial items, such as traditional clothing (flower head crowns, embroidered blouses and dresses), household objects (napkins, tableware, decorations) and food, which possess not only practical, but also symbolical value during traditional ceremonies.

All these creations of human mind, talent, imagination, heart and hands build a complete system of symbols that carry the basis of Ukrainian national tradition. They are used then to provide welfare and happiness for children and family, to stimulate soil fertility, to celebrate holidays, to save and recreate the lineage, to remember the past. It is a treasure of our ancestors that should not be forgotten.

The main goal of our ethnic center is to popularize and share Ukrainian cultural heritage. First of all, we offer a wide assortment of ethnic goods in our stores (embroidered clothes (vyshyvanka), shoes and accessories, flower crowns, jewelry, tableware, pottery, embroidered napkins and tablecloths, hand-made dolls, Easter eggs (pysanka), ceremonial items etc.).

We also distribute books about Ukrainian traditional culture, various ethnographical and ethnological researches; provide services as to decorate and organise Ukrainian-styled ceremonies.

In this way, we try as hard as we can to revive and spread Ukrainian traditional material and non-material culture, so that someday it would be resurrected and used not as a game or a thetrical performance, but as a deep-routed habit of our lives.


The main picture by Anna Senik (Ładna Kobieta)

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