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"As for the third holiday - Holy Epiphany"

It doesn't matter how you call this holiday - Epiphany, Jordan, Ordan... It is the end of the winter cycle of holidays, they occur in the same p,ace and with same participants.

People are gathering near the water, priests are in the process of a difficult ritual, they sanctify the water, and seaasoned bravemen test their abilities and swim in this water.
The old traditional ritual requires traditional clothing. Even though the man can dive in the water with a bare torso, for women it is not the most advisable thing to do. The best clothing for such an occasion would be a traditional embroidered shirt.
We offer you a big assortment of embroidered shirts and loose, comfortable dresses, which suit well for the Epiphany. Come and visit our "Svytlytsia" store of ethnic goods in Kyiv, on Slavy square in the underground shopping centre "Navigator". Or look at the "Dresses" section on our website.

have a nice swim and magical purification - good health for you and long years of life!

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