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Our novelties!

Dear ladies, it is especially you, who are meant to be interested in the new goods we offer to you today: it is a new collection of women's items. At the same time, we offer gentlemen a good opportunity to choose a nice gift for their fiancee, beloved, wife or daughter.
Don't forget to look through the "Dresses. Sundresses" section - you will find new items there, too. We also offer you plakhtas (traditional Ukrainian skirts) of homespun cloth, decorated with traditional weaved ornaments, so that you would feel comfortable and warm during winter colds, and we do offer you warm woolen jackets, which you can find in an "Other clothes for women" and "Other clothes for girls/boys" sections.
To end with, we are happy to tell you that there are some new beautiful exemplars among the jewelry we offer, too! Majestic necklaces, bracelets made of beads and natural gems - look for those in "Accessories. Shoes" - "Jewelry" section.

All these and even more you can but at our ethnic store "Svitlytsia" which is situated on Slavy square in an undeground shopping center "Navigator"
Have a nice shopping!

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