It is a well-known fact that an embroidered shirt (vyshyvanka), made with love by a Ukrainian woman (mother, bride or wife) is the purest manifestation of tenderness and care. Filled with magical symbolism, representing love, happiness and welfare, this shirt served as a lucky talisman to its owner.

Today, though, women don't have to spend numerous nights awake, so that they could present an embroidered shirt to their man. Now they can simply come and buy it in our store. We have a wide variety of shirts made of different fabrics, decorated with diverse ornaments (handmade or not). Anyone can find what they like or prefer.

Humble ones could choose a more affordable embroidered shirt made of poplin with a simple, yet beautiful, handmade ornament or machine embroidery. For those who prefer natural materials, we offer an impressive assortment of linen vyshyvankas decorated with different handmade ornaments, and also linen and cotton shirts with machine embroidery, which are as beautiful as handmade ones.

You can buy a beautiful white shirt with white embroidery, which looks stunning, or a shirt made in a tradition of a Ukrainian city Poltava that was often created using brown and pastel colours. Or you could choose a truly traditional red black vyshyvanka, or an interesting white blue one. We also offer shirts that are decorated with beads.

It does not really matter if you are Ukrainian or not; if you buy our vyshyvanka for yourself or as a gift to someone, you should know that our embroidered shirts are made according to a long-standing tradition, but are modern and fashionable at the same time.

In our store you can also find more affordable alternatives. For example, classical shirts for men with a simple embroidery or embroidered t-shirts and polo shirts (different colours and various prints are available). We have patriotic pullovers and cardigans, jackets decorated with Ukrainian themed prints.

And don't forget to buy fitting trousers (sharovary) in addition to your new embroidered shirt.

Feel yourself a true Cossack!