From time immemorial an image of women in Ukraine is closely related to vyshyvanka. An aesthetic sense, a sense of beauty and skillfulness were characteristic of beautiful Ukrainian women. They were talanted enough to turn a simple piece of cloth into a blouse, which would be then decorated with fancy embroidered ornaments. Women would put their work, soul, skill, a will for love and happiness into clothes they made.

Despite the whims of fashion, Ukrainian vyshyvanka is still considered to be fashionable and stylish. However, modern times influenced this traditional clothing too. Many components such as fabric, have improved. Technique and ornament styles that were localized before, became much more popular now. Many of our vyshyvankas represent the individual regional needlework style (Poltava, Sloboda, Podillya, Polissya etc.). Another aspect that has changed is the fact that a modern busy women don't have to sew and embroider their own blouses, because we offer you a wide variety of ready-to-wear clothes: blouses, shirts, dresses.

In our shop you can buy a hand-made or machine-made vyshyvanka of different types of fabric (chiffon, poplin, linen, homespun cotton cloth etc.). We will be glad to help you find a vyshyvanka according to your financial and aesthethic expectations and tastes: with a traditional geometric or floral (poppy, sunflowers, roses etc.) pattern of different colors (traditional red-black or not so widely spread blue-yellow, white etc.).

Especially elegantly you would look in a vyshyvanka decorated with exquisite embroidery and open work on marquisette or veil. For a special occasion a magnificent blouse embroidered with bright or pastel beads would suite perfectly.

In addition to your vyshyvanka you can choose a weaved or embroidered skirt/plakhta (a traditional skirt) made of linen or cotton.

There are modern clothes in our shop as well. You can find traditionally decorated tops, t-shirts, sundresses, dresses etc.

Everything about traditional culture and clothes changes constantly, except for its charming beauty, amazing skill, extraordinary femininity, functionality, magically filled symbolism and positive power of Ukrainian vyshyvanka.