"People should be beautiful in every way..." - says Anton Chekhov in his famous quote. And one among many components that create a beautiful image is, without any doubts, clothes. Nevertheless, young children are not capable of choosing it themselves wisely yet, thus it is your responsibility to help them create their unique style.

One of the main features of good taste in clothes is ability to create a perfected style. Be certain, it would never be a mistake to choose a traditionally styled clothes for your child since it is always fashionable and trendy.

We offer you a great variety of traditional Ukrainian-styled clothes for kids: vyshyvanka (embroidered shirts) and sharovary (traditional trousers) for boys; vyshyvanka, skirts, plakhta (traditional skirt), embroidered dresses for girls. In our shop you can buy hand-made or machine-made vyshyvanka for children, decorated with traditional red-black geometric or colorful floral embroidered ornaments and open work. If you value natural fabrics, we offer you linen, cotton and batiste shirts. If you look for a cheaper deal, we can offer you nice poplin and chiffon clothes.

You have to prepare your child for a school/kindergarten occasion? Your child takes part in a traditional festival or attends traditional art courses? You have a family holiday? You want to join a Ukrainian national celebration with your child? You came to Ukraine from abroad and you need a present for a child?

In any case, the best choice for kids would be a Ukrainian vyshyvanka. In addition to it - sharovary, cossack's hat and belt for a boy; skirt, plakhta and flower crown for a girl. Moreover, we have embroidered shirts for toddlers too!

Cultivate your child's good taste for clothes from early age!

IMPORTANT DETAILS: Different sizes of kids' clothes are presented in the catalogue as different commodity units because sometimes their prices vary. To find the size you need pay attention to the numbers in brackets beside the names of items in catalogue which have identical photos but different IDs and prices (i.e. "Shirt (26-38)"). Then all you need to do is click on the item with right numbers stated in brackets, and choose the actual size you need using the scale.