Hats. Shawls   (2)

Shoes   (31)

Bags   (1)

Flower Crowns. Ribbons   (9)

Jewelry   (24)

Belts. Neckties   (4)

Gift Certificate   (2)

Have you bought a vyshyvanka? Now you agree that vyshyvanka is a stylish, modern and fashionable choice for anyone? And yet, you lack something?

Of course, to finish the image and improve your style you need appropriate accessories, headdress and shoes.

Welcome to our store once more!

If you wish to look like a true cossack we offer you traditional belts, cossack's hat with authentic look made of natural fur (astrakhan, beaver lamb), and boots.

If you need to show and emphasize your natural women's beauty we would be glad to help you find suitable flower headcrowns (we have exquisitely designed flower crowns as well as simple yet stylish ones), ribbons, headbands, head hoops with flowers or tassels and many other beautiful items.

We offer you a wide assortment of vaious jewelry: mother-of-pearl pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings made of wood, coral, artificial amber and pearls etc.

Beaded necklaces and the ones with natural gems (garnet, jade, agate, malachite, rhinestone) would be worthy presents for a respected lady with a good taste. In our store we have luxurious necklaces, exclusively designed and created by masters of their craft. It is also possible to pick a suiting bracelets, earrings and rings to it.

 You can also buy beautiful shoes made of natural materials (linen cloth in combination with natural leather, hemp fabric) and decorated with embroidery, beads or applique.

Last but not least - you should put a a nice bag on your shoulder. Of course, to create a perfected style you may want to buy an embroidered or weaved handbag (homespun cloth) with various ornaments and motives. We have bags with hand-made and machine-made embroidery for you to choose.

Now, admire yourself in a mirror and agree that style is above fashion, and that it is a privilege of the chosen. Feel yourself among them!