You are visiting Ukraine?

You are Ukrainian, but you're going abroad and need a present?

Foreign friends are visiting you?

You need to think of a present for your colleagues, friends or relatives?

You want to comfort yourself with a nice trinket?

In any case we can help you! In our shop you can choose an item that would suit any taste.

Be certain: the best Ukrainian souvenir is pysanka (colored or painted Easter egg). We have a wide assortment of wooden pysankas that vary in size and painting style. However, much more precious is a natural pysanka, where the basis is a real chicken's or goose's egg. Such pysankas are created by most talented and professional Ukrainian artists with care and knowledge. In addition, you may want to buy an exclusively designed pysanka with a graceful carving, which makes the egg look like elegant lace.

Ukrainian motanka-doll is a hand-made toy. Originally, though, during old times women who made such dolls for their children used to add some magical, positive symbols to these dolls, so that it could protect their owner and attract happiness, love and long life to them. So we advise you to buy a motanka-doll for your family too!

In our store you can buy many different talismans and protective decorations. For example, according to Ukrainian traditions Domovik (we have Domovik puppets in our store) has always been a kind house spirit who cared about its inhabitants and helped them to maintain their home routine.

One of the most popular souvenirs is a mace. It was a widely used weapon and, a bit later, a sign of Ukrainian Hetman's authority. Carved and painted wooden tobacco pipes are also available in our shop as well as various souvenir chests, plates, cups with images of Ukraine and Kyiv on them, statuettes, magnets and many other types of items.

If you decide to buy a fine Ukrainian souvenir, let it be a nice memory for you, and let it guard you from evil. Let the true Ukrainian spirit of this item warm your heart!