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Attention: reduced prices!

Dear ladies! Today's news is just for you! Ethnic shop "Svitlytsia" offers you elegant batiste blouses at a significantly reduced prices:

"Blue Dream" embroidered blouse: Old price - 1165 UAH. New price - 1050 UAH. 
"Tenderness" embroidered blouse: Old price -1160 UAH. New price - 1050 UAH. 
You can find it in our online store in a "Women's clothing" category - "Embroidered clothing" subcategoty.
However, you would better come to our ethnic store "Svitlytsia" situated in Kyiv, Slavy sq., undeground shopping center "Navigator", where you always will be welcomed during opening times: 10:00 - 20:00 every day! There you could choose an embroidered blouse from the same collection and at same lowered price, but with additional color options (red-black, different shades of grey)
And don't forget to check the "Sale" category, especially "For Women and Girls" subcategory because you could find something of interest there too! The prices of hand-made embroidered blouses made of thin natural fabrics such as marquisette and gauze and decorated with drawn thread work were also reduced.

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